Make your community suitable for all ages

We all benefit from living in a community that’s  inclusive and designed for people of all ages.

And yet, too often this isn’t the case. Ageism means we don’t invest in ways to help people age well. Instead of enabling us to thrive as we get older, many communities contain barriers, whether that’s housing that’s not accessible or adaptable if our needs change, poorly designed high streets which make nipping out to the shops hard work, or transport that doesn’t easily get us from A to B.

Through this campaign, we want to build a movement of people and activities that are helping to make our communities more age-friendly to help us all to Age Without Limits.

You can read through our community resources below – we’ll be building these up as the Age Without Limits campaign develops. Please share your ideas for action with us on social media or get in touch with us on Twitter/X, Instagram and LinkedIn so we can share your progress with our growing movement.

A toilet sign

Don't get caught short

Take a stand against the dwindling public toilets in your local area.

An older man and younger woman walking

Walk the walk

Conducting a 'walking audit' could be the first step in making positive changes to the streets where you live.

Two older women shopping

Take a seat

If you're a local business, offering your customers a place for a pit-stop can make all the difference.

An older couple on a bus

Make getting from A-B even easier

Work with local transport providers to make their services better for older travellers.